cooltext970919245You are welcome to the official  Website of Prince Wasajja J. Kiwanuka. Prince Wasajja is a son to the late Prince Nakibinge Vicent and grand son of the late Prince Mutebi James Sekannyo (a brother to Kabaka Muteesa II of Buganda). Prince Wasajja is a Great grand son of Kabaka Daudi Chwa II.

The Buganda Kingdom is the biggest and strongest contemporary Monarchies, south of Sahara- East Africa.  The Kingdom has been in existence for over 700 years and it is headed by a cultural Head known as the Kabaka. The current Kabaka is the 36th in the ruling lineage. Prince Wasajja is a nephew to the reigning Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II.You will be exposed to the numerous contributions of this youth royal to the development of his dear Kingdom, Buganda. cooltext925932351

1531731_10201763634637420_3221623957858743394_nPhoto: Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II of Buganda shakes hands with Prince Wasajja in Mengo Palace, 2016.

Prince Wasajja Kiwanuka entered into the service of his Kingdom after finalizing his Diploma in Education from Kyambogo University. He was assigned by the Kabaka to manage the tourism office at Kasubi Tombs. It was when he was at Kasubi that he hosted the Unesco Boss in 2004, who came to inspect the rehabilitation of one the major houses at Kasubi Tombs.

While doing his Bachelors Degree at Makerere University, Prince Wasajja was officially commissioned in the Kabaka Foundation, one of the principal offices of the Kabaka for special projects. His line of duty was mainly to supervise the tourism activities in the Kabaka’s Trail. The Kabaka’s Trail comprised of several important cultural sites including; Kasubi Tombs, Kanyange Tombs, Baagalayazze Tombs, Sezibwa Falls, Katereke Royal Prison, Bulange Building and Mengo Palace.

Prince Wasajja represented Buganda Kingdom on the Chogm Tourism Sub-committee as was a signed to Kasubi Tombs. Under this program, he hosted Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburg and all the Chogm First Ladies  at Kasubi TomsNew Picture (3)

_dsc1863Photo: The President of Uganda, HE President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni launching one of Prince Wasajja’s books at State House Entebbe.. (2014)

While doing his Masters Degree at Kampala University, Prince Wasajja was appointed a Commissioner of Tourism in Buganda Kingdom, only to be elevated a few months after to the Supreme Board in Charge of Tourism in Buganda Kingdom known as the Buganda Tourism Board. He was given the mandate to manage the Board’s Secretariat under the Patronage of the Queen,(Nabagereka) Lady Sylvia Naginda Luswaata

New Picture (3)

Prince Wasajja Kiwanuka in Emperor Napoleon’s Palace (Currently Paris Hall) in France, 2019

Prince Wasajja holds a Ph.D in Communication from American University, Dc. He has since been a Senior Lecturer is several universities in Uganda, including; Kampala University, St. Lawrence University and Kampala International University.

Prince Wasajja was the Campus Academic Registrar of Kampala University Masaka Campus, a Director of Distance and In-service Studies at St. Lawrence University and the founder of the Royal Open University. He has written widely and authored many books, won many awards and recognitions.

Prince Wasajja Kiwanuka is currently working with the University of Kigali, as Dean of Communication and Journalism. While in Rwanda, he has continued to write papers and present them in international conferences.

Despite his engagement in academics, he has never stopped playing his cultural role. He is currently the Chief Scout of Buganda after being decorated  by His Majesty, Kabaka Ronal Muwenda Mutebi on 7th October 2017 at Kinaawaa High School, Wakiso.

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      1. abalangira na`nabambejja bajja ffe abakulu bemituba namwe muje tukwatile wamu obuganda bude kutiko

    1. The most humble and God fearing Prince i have ever met, ur extraordinary God bless u as u leave to serve the Buganda Kingdom.

  1. mukwano,mukama nga yemubezi waffe ettutumu lyo’bwakabaka bwaffe lijja kubera,webale nebyona byokolera obuganda kuba ddala olaga nti oyagala egwanga lyo. Mukama akwogere amanyi nobulamu

  2. mulangira, mukama akuume baaba era akuwangaaze, ng’olwanirira okulakulanya nnyabe BUGANDA.

  3. i wish you well in all you endevous up to phd level and you become a doctor , i knoe you will make it,

  4. May the almighty God help you to keep on shining 4ever &; serve the world. You are a great inspiration to us, Prince Wasajja

  5. felix karisa a student at Kampala university currently undertaking masters my query is you said in one of your lectures that you posses both Christianity and Islamic religions are you a follower of Jesus or Mohamed

  6. Prince Wasajja, thanks very much for the great work you are doing for our beloved Kingdom.
    May the Almighty God continue using you and blessing you.

    1. well done prince, continue inspiring many young bagandans and non bagandans as well. congratulations

  7. Prince, I appreciate you for strong love of your kingdom and indeed you are a true Nationalistic of Uganda.
    May God strongly continue to bless you in all whatever you do.

  8. Ehh… Dr. you’ve had such a great adventure.am one of your students for communication skills and we love you so much.

  9. Morning Doctor… has l can find the online work… please assist me with the page where l comment on the question…..

    Yours Mugabi Allan

    1. Hello James. Do you really feel it’s proper to tell me that you have failed to find the work online yet other members of your class are already discussing? You are just telling to record a zero on your performance! Please work with your fellow classmates

      1. Hello Doctor… l found the work and am already in the discussion… thanks..

  10. Your Excellency;
    Once in a 1987 winter I met HM Ssabasayijja Mwenda at Covert Gaden, London in Africa Center, and I had predicted 2 him that: he ll’ return home as a king as soon as possible! So plse remind him for me that; I wish him success & prosperity for the kingdom.

  11. Education is the only way we can uplift the Buganda status. We need to teach our students in Luganda, conduct research in Luganda, especailly Sceicne and Technology courses need to be taught in Luganda. We have highly trained Bagada who can take on this endevour to make sure that can revolutionalise Buganda, like the china and Russia. Teaching and Learning Sceicne and Technology in Luganda should be the key to Buganda development. We can design new medicine for cancer and other diseases in Luganda, we can teach computer Sceicne in Luganda.

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