Prince Wasajja is an academician with 10 years of teaching experience. He studied Education at Grade 5 Level (2002), Undergraduate Level(2007) and Masters Level(2009).

He is currently handling Graduate and Undergraduate Education and Language students. Below are some of his contribution to the academic world.

The Missing Diary by James Wasajja

Munnazambogo by James Wasajja

The Master Plan

1. Communication Skills:

2. Community Policing;

3. Effective Teaching:

4. Bagamoyo Study Tour:

The humble Prince discovered at an early stage that he has the potential to compose, write and sing! Due to the nature of his social status, he has not fully exhibited his talents to the maximum. His themes are mainly about his much treasure culture and his music blend culture with current youthful tracks. However,there is still evidence that all is not lost and there is still hope in the future. Check the links below;

1. Obuwangwa (Culture);

2. Amasiro (Toms);

3. Nkobazambogo;

4. Dancing Prince;

5. Launch:


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